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Flexible PRP Solutions.


NEXT PRP offers a different, smart, efficient and flexible choice of Platelet-Rich Plasma preparation.

Why Next PRP?
Here is why

Cost Effective

NEXT PRP Syringe is a single syringe with a cap and a connector which can also be converted into a tube. The key to efficient and fast PRP preparations.

No Additive

NEXT PRP offers a vast benefit of PRP preparation without using any anticoagulant. Manufactured and engineered to meet the users’ requisites.

CE Class IIb

Conform to the 93/42/EEC directive Annex IX and MEDDEV guidance for the application of the classification rules for medical devices MEDDEV 2.4/1 Rev 9.

New Innovative Protocol without Anti-coagulant smartcost-effectiveflexible

The developers of NEXT PRP analysed different protocols to obtain PRP milieu. NEXT PRP Syringe can give you a quality PRP milieu only in 4mins.

Only by using the proper device can PRP be obtained without the use of an anticoagulant, NextPRP gives users the freedom of choice and flexibility.

Our body already acts as an activator therefore it is not a must to activate the PRP prior to injection.

Flexible PRP Solutions

We do not force the physician to follow a single protocol. We believe the treatment should be based on the doctor’s consultation.

Title 1

NextPRP does not contain a gel or other types of barriers such as those of a petro-chemical origin. NextPRP offers the doctor a choice between a nonanticoagulant PRP preparation method or a method which includes anti-coagulant. It is the doctor’s choice.

Title 2

The doctor chooses the number of Next PRP he or she wants to order, multi pack or single pack. The doctor can also choose to use a less volume-more concentration approach by performing a double-spin with NextPRP.

Title 3

Flexible choices of PRP milieu with or without the presence of different cell types such as WBCs and/or RBCs, with or without Buffy Coat layer formation depending on physicians’ choices of treatment protocols.


3 different protocols. Choose your side.

NEXT PRP offers a vast benefit of PRP preparation methods with or without anticoagulant. The manufacturers of NEXT PRP have developed 3 different protocols with the device, the non anticoagulant method leads to a prevention of the physiological clot by physical repression which is prepared in 4 minutes ,and two anticoagulant protocols which take 4 and 8 minutes respectively to prepare, these protocols take into account the fact that users need more than one type of PRP for different treatments.




P01 - 4 MINS


P02 - 4 MINS


P03 - 8 MINS


Smart and Fast

The device is designated as a syringe which can be converted into a tube.


The Next PRP Syringe is not a Blood Storage Tube or Blood separation kit unlike many other products.

Cost Effective

Next PRP Syringe is a single syringe with a cap and connector which can also be converted into a tube.

No Additive

Next PRP offers a vast benefit of PRP preparation without using any anticoagulant.

Real PRP System

The developers of NEXT PRP analysed different protocols to obtain a substantial PRP milieu.

Ce Class IIb

Conform to 93/42/EEC directive Annex IX and MEDDEV guidance document classification.

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300K +

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We answer top questions from practitioners and users from all over the world – The most asked questions are listed below with their respective answers, feel free to contact us if you don’t find the answer you are looking for.

You don’t; you only need 16×100 mm size buckets. However we strongly recommend your centrifuge be a swing out rotor for maximum compatibility with our protocols, we won’t guarantee the final quality of the PRP otherwise.

The type of PRP used in different applications varies from cases to cases, therefore T-Lab has adapted different protocols to make sure to provide the users with a PRP that meets their needs.

Pure PRP stands for a PRP that has little to no red nor white blood cells in it, if the platelet count in a PRP amounts more than 90% of the total number of cells in the plasma then it can be counted as Pure PRP, the Next PRP syringe averages 95%.

DEPA classification is a method that has been developed to evaluate the overall performance of a PRP system, it scrutinizes four main factors which are the Dose-Efficacy-Purity-Activation to assess the functionality of the system. A device that has been characterized with DEPA classification is a reliable device.

Is it enough to say 3x-4x or 1 million platelets in 2 μl? Lots of evidence have backed the importance of folds of concentration however this factor is unreliable due to the fact that it can vary and is dependent on the patient’s health and platelet count. Over the years a new variable that rules over it is now being given more importance, the Efficacy.

The Efficacy is calculated by looking at how many platelets you have in your initial blood sample and how many of those initial platelets have been recovered in your final PRP, this factor being much more reliable than Folds of concentration as you now have control over the amount of platelet that you can reinject in the patient.

Due to the unreliability of laboratory tubes also known as IVD, laboratory tubes have not been tested and evaluated for PRP preparations and injections therefore the quality of the substance you inject is untrustworthy, it is no surprise if you inject a PRP using lab tubes can contaminate your patients unfortunately.

Any substances obtained using a CE Class IIa medical device cannot be injected into a patient.

The Plunger can be detached, this transforms the syringe into a tube.

The NEXT PRP is a CE Class
IIb Certified medical device.

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