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Pure PRP Method – 4 Mins


The pure PRP method is relatively fast to prepare, you can obtain Pure PRP in 4 simple steps and spend only 4 min for the centrifugation.


From several thorough trials we have found out that this method yields a substantially pure with a platelet percentage of 92.6 ± 2.5% and a relatively low RBC contamination.


Platelet activation occurs as a natural consequence of hemostasis, and when the process is initiated by thrombin in vivo therefore the use of any activator is not necessary.


Harvesting the anticoagulant

Anticoagulation is essential for maintaining the fluidity of extravascular blood; after considering which anticoagulant you want to chose, collect it into the syringe.

Process Steps

• Attach a 21 G needle to the NEXT PRP Syringe.
• Harvest 1ml of Sodium Citrate into the NEXT PRP Syringe


Harvesting the whole blood

It’s a procedure in which a needle is used to take blood from a vein. Also called phlebotomy and venipuncture.

Process Steps

• Harvest the venous blood from the patient up to 10 ml.
• Close the lid of NEXT PRP syringe.
• Remove the plunger from the piston.
• Turn the syringe upside-down gently in order to mix the whole blood and sodium citrate.



Centrifugation or Fractionation is a separation process in which the blood is divided during a phase transition, into a number of smaller quantities.

Process Steps

• Put the NEXT PRP syringe into the centrifuging machine as the lid will be on top.
• Counterbalance the centrifuging buckets.
• Centrifugate with a swing rotor centrifuge at 830G for 4 mins.


Harvesting the PRP

Once the blood fractionates into different layers we need to isolate and recover the PRP which contains the growth factors.

Process Steps

• Take the syringe from the bucket, remove the lid, affix the connector and plunger.
• Take another luer-lok type syringe and affix it to the connector.
• Discard the whole plasma into the other syringe through the connector.


Final Product

The growth factors are now ready to be injected into the desired areas, your doctor will determine where it is to be introduced.

Process Steps

• Affix desired needle and the PRP is ready to inject.
• 4-5ml Leukocyte Poor PRP, 2X Fold Enrichment.

Pure PRP Method

This protocol focuses on the recovery of a substantially pure PRP milieu, it offers aquick and safe preparation which leads to the obtention of a significant amount of growth factors.


3 different protocols and their results.
Anticoagulant 4 Mins
Anticoagulant 8 Mins
G Force 1500 830 830
Time 4 4 8
Type Leukocyte Poor PRP Leukocyte Poor PRP Leukocyte Rich PRP
Volume 4-5 ml 4-5 ml 2 ml
Enrichment 2X 2X 4-5X
STEPS 3 4 5
Activator Requirement No Yes Yes

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